What To Pack For Your Trip

So you have your trip booked and you are getting excited to go away! What is the next step?

Figuring out what to pack for your trip of course!

The first question that you will need to ask is Backpack, or Suitcase?

A Typical Travel Suitcase!

A Typical Travel Suitcase!

For most travelers, a suitcase will suffice. The benefits of a suitcase is that they generally hold more and are usually easier to organize. A suitcase may be easier to move around with you for short distances such as in the airport, or walking to the hotel ect. They generally have wheels and a handle and can be dragged behind you. Usually you don’t want to be walking around a city with a full suitcase of things, you would empty the suitcase at the hotel, or place that you are staying.

Osprey 35L Backpack

Osprey 35L Backpack

A backpack has its own benefits. They are much friendlier when it comes to carrying around for longer periods of time. Backpacks generally go on your back (hence the term backpack!) with two straps over the shoulders, and sometimes extra straps across the chest and stomach for extra support.

In this blog I will be touching more on what to put in a backpack for a long period of travel.

As most of you know, Sama and I will be heading from Ontario, Canada down to Australia for up to 1 year. We both have work/travel visas, so we are planning on working to pay for some of our traveling wherever we end up going in Australia.

Sami with a small hiking backpack!

Sami with a small hiking backpack and a water bottle!

So to start out, we will be bringing backpacks with us since we plan on moving around a lot once we are in Australia. This means that basically we need to cut down on everything we are bringing or we are going to have massive packs to carry around with us for our entire trip. One advantage we have is that we are traveling to Australia and we will be in and out of big cities. Basically this  means that if we forget something important, we will likely be able to buy it once we get there! So I will be talking about how to pack, specifically for our trip to Australia.

Packing List

So to start, we need clothes.

6-7  T-Shirts

2 Bathing suits (doubling as regular everyday shorts)

1 Pair of regular shorts

1 Sweater (the smaller the better)

7 Pairs of underwear (boxers, briefs, whatever your preference is)

7 Pairs of socks

1 Pair of decent long pants, either khakis or jeans (something to wear for going out to a nicer place at night)

1 Pair of running shoes (i’m going to get a black pair that looks alright so I can wear them out to nicer restaurants/clubs)

1 Pair of sandals (hoping to wear these around the many beaches)

1 Thin Raincoat

1 Towel (for swimming, sitting on in the park ect.)

1 Small Backpack for day trips

1 Water bottle

Next is electronics.

1 Acer aspire one 10” laptop (not needed for most people, but I hope to blog while we travel. It will also be useful for using Skype and keeping in touch with friends and family back in Canada, it is very small and very light)

1 Underwater camera (for boat cruises, Great Barrier Reef, ect.)

1 Canon PowerShot (for everyday use – takes slightly better quality photos than the underwater camera)

1 Power adapter (our electronics all run on both 120-240 volts 50/60 watts, so a converter will not be needed)

A Universal Travel Adaptor

A Universal Travel Adaptor

We plan to buy a cheap cell phone once we are in Australia.


Toothbrush and Toothpaste (both very important!)


Body Wash

Floss  (Yes, floss too)

A Razor


Sunscreen!!! (I am red headed, fair skinned, hence the nickname Gingy! Will be needing lots of this! To start just a little bit for the first few days there. I should be able to buy some more when we get there.)

First Aid Kit



Ear Plugs



Also bring all important documents such as passports, work visas and travel visas. You will likely want to bring some currency for the country you are traveling in. Also don’t forget your travel credit card and your travel debit card!

Obviously the things you pack will be extremely dependent on where you are traveling and how long you are traveling for, but this list is a good start!

Did I forget anything? Let me know what you pack when traveling and maybe I will pack it!


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