Bob Ross Paint-Off

Hey everyone,

Today I’m going to write about what Sami, my friend Joe, and I did a few weeks ago that we have wanted to do for quite a while now.

When Joe, Sami and I were living together, we usually had people over on the weekends to party, and then Sunday would be a day of recovery. A special little show was on Sunday mornings that we always tried to watch “The Joy of Painting” with Bob Ross. In this show, Bob would paint a beautiful picture which had a lot of nature involved- normally mountains, lakes, sunsets ect. We really enjoyed watching Bob Ross painting “happy little trees”.

So for Christmas last year, Sami got a Bob Ross DVD set. This was the perfect time to do a Bob Ross Paint-Off. Basically the three of us get together, set up a few canvases and try our best to follow this highly skilled painter, with our extremely limited painting skills.

Our 3 Canvases Propped Up!

Our 3 Canvases Propped Up!

We bought the paint and canvases fairly cheap from around town.

Paint and Beer!

Paint and Beer!

Luckily Sama’s family had a box of paintbrushes of different sizes to use as well.

Paint Brushes

Paint Brushes

We started out by picking the image that we wanted to paint. We had made it an elaborate “pick your top 5 paintings” until we narrowed it down to the one that we wanted to paint. That was it! We started painting, beer in one hand, paintbrush in the other.

It was chaotic to say the least. For anyone out there that has watched Bob Ross paint before, he paints at an amazingly fast speed (fully finished in 1 hour) and yet his paintings still look amazing! I requested a pause from the DVD 2 times just to keep on pace with Bob.

So after probably an hour and twenty minutes of painting, the DVD was done and we were left with some time to touch up whatever we wanted. We then finished and took a picture of our final ones. We all ended doing some slightly different paintings, adding some of our own personal touch.

Finished Products

Our three finished paintings at the top, with the original at the bottom.

We were extremely happy with our finished products! We are planning to do another one sometime in the next few weeks before Sama and I head down to Australia!


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