Travel Update – First Place Booked, New Backpack

It is official! Sama and I have booked our first place to stay when we arrive in Cairns.

The first place we will be staying is our own unit underneath a house. It has a double bed, a kitchen, air conditioning and a POOL! It is also very close to downtown Cairns, which was pretty important to us, since we plan to be traveling around there a lot. We will be using it as a home base for the first portion of our trip – to get over our jet lag, file for a tax number ect.


View of the Backyard

It is awesome to have a plan for the start of our trip!

On another note, I purchased a bag for traveling! Recently I have been doing some test packing with the bags that we currently have. We have a 35L Osprey bag and a Northface Primero 60L pack as well. I packed everything that I would need into the 60L pack and I had some extra space, so that’s a good sign. After weighing everything it was a total 21.8 pounds, which I was pretty impressed with (this included all of our joint stuff such as the laptop, cameras, first aid kits ect.). I also went on a fun little hike, I would guess about 2.5 Kilometers around the property – just to see how well I could handle the weight and the pack.

Gingy and Sama

Practice Hike with Bag on and Headphones In!

I found that it was pretty easily manageable, so that is a very good sign.

I next packed the 35L osprey bag, and it was stuffed full. After discussions, we decided that we will likely need another slightly bigger pack to bring along as well.

At MEC I found a 60L Deuter Futura Vario pack that appears to be perfect. It has all the bells and whistles! It is side loading, has a bunch of separate compartments and it comes with a waterproof cover that has a tiny little pouch in the bottom! I am really excited to give it a try this week and make sure that it is right for me.

Next step is making a list of things to do in and around Cairns! Any suggestions?


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