Airports, Airports, Airports.

Hey everyone!

I know its been a while since our last update but we have been busy finishing up with work and making the rounds to see all of our friends and family before we left! Which pretty much brings us up to the day before we left.

On Sunday afternoon we left London via Greyhound to Toronto to stay with my brother for the night. He had just moved into a new place, so we helped him set up his room and explored the area a little. We went to a Vietnamese place called Pho. They had some pretty awesome food. We called it an early night as we had our plane to catch the next day at Pearson.

Hanging out on Jesse's balcony

Hanging out on Jesse’s balcony

Jesse dropped us off at the airport around noon and we hung out until our 4:30 flight. The first flight was from Pearson to LA which was about 5.5 hours. Sami and I weren’t supposed to be sitting together, but a bunch of people did some seat switching so we ended up getting to sit together!

Air Canada Wing with some American Mountains!

Air Canada Wing with some American Mountains!

The city of LA under the wing!

The city of LA under the wing!

So we arrived in LA at about 6:35pm (3 hour time change backwards), ate some dinner in the airport and then boarded our next flight at 9:45. This one was the longest of our trip, at an estimated 12 hours from LA to Auckland.

We sat next to this really nice lady from New Zealand who offered us a place to stay in exchange for doing some garden work around her house! We may just have to take her up on that offer.

The flight itself went pretty well. The plane was enormous, and the schedule was very structured.  We took off, ate dinner, dimmed the lights and slept for a while and then were woken up for breakfast. Air New Zealand has TV screens in every seat with a huge selection of TV shows and free (fairly new) movies! It was awesome. We were very impressed overall.

We landed in Auckland New Zealand at around 5:00 AM. Another 2 hour wait for us and then we headed to our last flight – 4.5 hours from Auckland to Cairns. The airport in Auckland was really nice!

Sami hanging out in the Auckland airport with some fancy artwork.

Sami hanging out in the Auckland airport with some fancy artwork.

The 4.5 hour flight went by very fast, with our second breakfast of the day and then a small lunch on the plane. We then landed in Cairns. Sami and I stepped foot in Australia for the first time ever!

Gingy hanging out in Cairns!

Gingy hanging out in Cairns!

As of right now, we have settled in our place in Cairns and are just trying to get used to the time change. It is 6:44PM Cairns time, but back in Ontario it is 4:46 AM. Quite the difference!

Anyways – to sum it all up, we spent a ton of time in airports and airplanes, but we have finally made it and we are doing our best to get settled in! PS. Its 25 degrees Celsius here, minimal humidity and we are surrounded by beautiful mountains! I’ll post some pics once we get some good ones! Thanks for reading.


8 responses to “Airports, Airports, Airports.

  1. Glad you are there and everything is good!!!! Looking forward to travelling with you by email and your blog!!

    Take care Love Mom xo

  2. have lots of fun and great memories because what you do today makes you who you are tomorrow never regret what you do only what you could have done

  3. I am so looking forward to following your blog! Thanks for taking the time to share. I’ll try to explain to Ferbs how to follow too. Have fun and love you two.

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