Cairns Botanic Gardens

Hi Everyone,

One of the first things that we did once arriving here was to make ourselves at home and try to stay up as late as we can to get used to the time difference. We had a lot of trouble staying up past 8 PM for the first few nights.

On our second day here we went to the Cairns Botanic Gardens. It was about a 45 minute walk North from our place. We arrived right at 10 o’clock to take a day tour with a guide, but after a group of us waited for about 25 minutes and talked to the lady running the information booth, it appeared as though no guide was going to be coming today.

So we left on our own, wandering around. One of the first things that we saw was a few greenhouses full of orchids and other plants. They had a small exhibit on carnivorous plants and we got to see 2 species of plants that eat insects!

Watch out for this plant!

Watch out for this plant! (Venus Fly Trap)

We continued to wander around seeing many different plant and tree species. We stopped at the botanical gardens cafe for lunch. It was around 11:30AM here, but back in London it was 9:30 – so we ordered some. sparkling wine

1130AM Wine!

1130AM Wine!

The food was awesome as well – we each got a hot chicken and asparagus sandwich with salad.

We finished lunch and continued back along the trail. After finishing the North trails, we wandered down to the Southern ones which were 2 lakes and a river. 1 lake was salt water, 1 was fresh water and the river was salt water as well.

I was hoping to see some crocodiles hanging around but we didn’t manage to see any of them. There actually weren’t very many animals around, mostly birds. We did manage to see some mud crabs around the salt water river.

Mud Crab!!

Mud Crab!!

The crabs were very small and hard to see, but there were tons of them hanging around in the mud on the outskirts of the river.

Overall we had a very fun and productive day. It ended up being around 5 hours of walking and touring around, but it was awesome! Anyone going to Cairns, I would definitely recommend going to the Botanic Gardens.

Just hanging out in this tropical oasis!

Just hanging out in this tropical oasis!

We took a ton of pictures, which I wont be able to upload to the blog here, so we started a Flickr account to upload all of our unedited photos to. Here is the link:

Bye for now!


3 responses to “Cairns Botanic Gardens

  1. Sama and Gingy! We have your blog saved on all the computers here at the office so we can all keep up to date with what you guys are up too while we are stuck working in Onterrible πŸ˜‰ I’m happy to hear that you two are having a blast! I should keep a blog on the happenings of Thorndale… update it once or twice a month! lol. Love and miss you both!

    • Hey Kelliott!! While we are missing the prospect of beautiful Ontario autumn….it’s 30 degrees and sunny every day, no arand warm evenings!! I would love a Thorndale blog to be started! I miss you all 😦 say hi to K-Riz for me! We finally have internet access so lots more stories to come! Love and miss you all too!

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