Animal Encounters

The first week and a bit in Australia, our exposure to the animals here was fairly limited. Our first Kangaroo spotting was a dead one on the side of the road between Cairns and Port Douglas (whoever told us that the first one we see would be road kill — you were right). Once we arrived in Port Douglas we started having some weird encounters with animals.

The first snake that we saw was quite a surprise. One afternoon we were sitting on the balcony at Bec’s place for an hour or so reading, drinking coffee and having biscuits (cookies!). I came out from the balcony and there was this snake hanging out in the living room. Ollie (Bec’s awesome dog) was running around not paying attention to the snake. I do not like snakes at all, and since we are here in Australia there are many poisonous snakes around here so I wasn’t sure what kind of snake this one might be.

Bec just came home from work – and we called the wildlife centre that was a few minutes down the road to describe the snake. It had a dark back with a yellow belly. It was also fairly skinny and long, about 1 meter long and about a human finger in diameter. Anyways the wildlife fellow came over and told us that it was likely a green tree snake that was totally harmless. Unfortunately, the snake had already crawled back under the counter and we still have not yet seen it again. We did not get a photo of the snake as we were busy keeping our eye on him to see where he went/ in case he crawled near us.

The second very weird animal encounter was with a frog. Sami and Bec were sitting on the balcony when they heard a noise and looked up. There was a frog up in the corner, hanging onto the wall and he was eating a gecko! There was a quick struggle and then it was over, the gecko was gone and the frog was full. The frog and gecko were both fairly big. It was weird to see the frog just hanging on the wall. He later crawled up to the board and sat above – likely looking for some new prey.

The frog clinging to the wall

The frog clinging to the wall

Perched and ready for its next prey

Perched and ready for its next prey


On that same night we saw a huntsman spider. These spiders apparently get as big as an apple and they are crazy fast! He was running along the glass.

Huntsman spider

Baby huntsman spider

One other honorable mention was a bat. This bat had landed (possibly flew into) a telephone wire and got shocked. He has been stuck there for a few days – fried. Poor guy!

Fried Bat

Fried Bat


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