Iron Bar Cane Toad Races

On one of our last nights in Port Douglas, Bec and John took us out to the Iron Bar that had “Cane Toad Races”. Someone goes into a field and collects cane toads (toads that hang out in sugar cane fields), and a bar of crowded people bet on which toad will win the “race” (first one to hop off the table).

For the first race we showed up just before it started. There are about 8 toads and people buy tickets for whichever toad they thought would win. The toads are given ridiculous names such as “Heel and Toad, Pigeon Toad and Gay Freddo”.

For the second and final race they bring out the big prizes, such as free beer, champagne and a trip to Hartley’s crocodile farm (which we happened to do already the previous day). Also, for the second race, people bid on each toad to be their “jockey” where you get to hold the toad before the race and, once the race begins, you use a party horn to coax your toad off the table.

The first one or two toads sold for $20 and, as bidding for the third toad came around, Bec shouted out $10. Apparently she had it in her mind to back Sami in the toad races. So Sami won the right to coach “Gay Freddo”.


Sami and Freddo

None of the other toads went for less than $15 dollars, and for the final toad people went crazy bidding and I think he went for closer to $40.

So Sami kissed Gay Freddo and put him in the bucket – awaiting the start of the race. The other contestants gathered around the table ready to go.

Check out this video to see the race!

As soon as the bucket was lifted, Gay Freddo jumped a hop towards Sami. She did some quick party horn work and Gay Freddo was off the table and scooped up in the bucket. Sami WON! Easy as that, she had beaten everyone else by a large margin. So in the end she won a bottle of champagne, a xxxx beer and a ticket to Hartley’s Croc Farm.


Sami Pointing at the Toad List

Sami's Winnings

Sami’s Winnings

Overall a pretty successful night in Port Douglas at the Cane Toad Races!


5 responses to “Iron Bar Cane Toad Races

  1. Looks like this was a great time!!! can’t do it in Canada!!! Can’t wait to come out and see you both! Love you too! xoxoxo

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