AFL Grand Finals

As far as sports go here in Australia, it appears as though 3 sports reign supreme. AFL – Australian Football League, NRL – National Rugby League and Cricket.

Since leaving Canada, one thing that I have missed was watching hockey. They don’t show any hockey here on TV, and for most of our time here in Australia we haven’t had the fastest/ most reliable internet in order to stream sports. I have taken to watching the AFL which is Australia’s cross between American Football and American Soccer.

There is basically a lot of running involved and each team tries to kick the ball (shaped like a football) through some uprights to get points. It is extremely fast paced with hardly any whistles.

The AFL grand final this year was between the Hawthorne Hawks and the Fremantle Dockers. Sami and I wandered over to a local pub to catch the game. Luckily here we met up with a fellow named James – a local Australian bloke who was helping by explaining the rules to us. The game was a close one, but Hawthorn ended up winning, ending the AFL season until next March.

Once the game was finished, our new friend James (who lives about an hour east of Brisbane on Stradbroke Island) invited us over to check out the view from his place. It was awesome! He was on the top floor of a local hotel, so we could see the surrounding mountains and many buildings. Lucky for us it was the last day of the Brisbane Festival, so there were fighter jets and helicopters flying through the city and we caught a glimpse of a lot of them!

The City!

The City!

The tallest building in the city!

The tallest building in the city!

There's a plane flying between the buildings.

There’s a plane flying between the buildings.

Hopefully we meet up with James again sometime later in our trip – he offered to have us stay over at his place when we head over to Stradbroke Island.


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