Brisbane River Fire

For the end of the Brisbane Festival there is this huge event put on called the Brisbane River Fire. It is basically 30 straight minutes of fireworks right in the city centre.

You can watch the show from about 10-15 different lookout points around the city. Many of the fireworks are launched from platforms on the river, the bridges and from the top of some of the city’s biggest buildings.

Sami and I were still living in Fortitude Valley at the time, so we went to the show right under the Story Bridge (The biggest – main bridge in Brisbane).

The bridge right before the fireworks.

Story bridge right before the fireworks.

It was quite a spectacular show – the fireworks seemed to never end.



Huge Explosions!

Huge Explosions!

I didn’t take very many photos as I really wanted to enjoy as much of it through my own eyes.

I did manage to get a 30 second video near the start of the fireworks as well that you can check out here:

They really do put on quite a spectacular festival here in Brisbane!!!


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