Noosa – Surfing and The Lookout

As you know we did the sunset cruise on our second night in Noosa. On that cruise we met up with a girl from our hostel who suggested taking the surfing lessons in Noosa. This is something that Sami and I have been very interested in trying since neither of us have surfed before!

So as soon as we got back from the sunset cruise we booked a surf lesson for the next morning with Merrick’s Surf School. It started around 8am and lasted about 2.5 hours.

Our instructor was very good, basically we got picked up at the hostel and driven out to the area where the wet suits and surf boards were ( a slightly different section of beach where there weren’t many swimmers). We each got on a wetsuit, grabbed a board and headed down to the sand.

On the beach we started out practicing lying down properly on the board and keeping our weight even. Then we went in the water and practiced getting up on our knees and just steering the board. After that it was back to the sand again to practice the proper way to stand up on the board. Next we got into the water and surfed! Our instructor was helping us out at the start – telling us when to start paddling and yelling “UP!” when we should stand. Both Sami and I got up and rode a wave on the first try! It was pretty awesome.

We did this for about an hour, and then for the last half hour or so we tried surfing without the guide. Needless to say it was much harder this way. Basically you sit and wait for a decent sized wave to form, then you have to paddle hard and get up at the right time to actually catch the wave. I managed to do a few small waves, but Sami hit the biggest wave of the morning for us!!! She just popped up at the right time and was the only one surfing on that wave. The instructor from the group next to us complimented her on that one.

Unfortunately we didn’t bring our camera to the surf lessons, so we have no pictures. We do plan on surfing a lot more along our trip, so hopefully we get a few good photos next time.

Later that evening we went out to the lookout in Noosa National Park. It was about a thirty minute walk uphill where there was an amazing view of the city. We managed to get up there about 15 minutes before the sunset and got some amazing photos.

Noosa! The Ocean is to the right.

Noosa! The ocean is to the right.

More Sunset photos!

More Sunset photos!

The sun is creeping behind that mountain.

The sun is creeping behind that mountain.

This was one of my favorite days of our trip so far. Surfing was so much fun and hopefully when we start traveling down the coast we get to do it a lot more! This was our last evening in Noosa as well. We caught the Bus/Train back to Brisbane the next day…back to reality!


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