Christmas Down Under!

Our first Christmas down under was hot- it is the middle of the summer here. It was a very different experience for us. There is obviously no snow here, and it’s hard to think of it as Christmas when the weather is like this.

On the week leading up to Christmas we ended up both working a lot – which is great, we are saving some money finally!

At South Bank they put on movie nights where they showed Christmas movies and everyone can bring a picnic, some booze and set up a blanket in the grass to watch a movie on a big white screen. We ended up going for 3 different nights! We watched part of Fred Claus, and all of The Grinch, and my personal favourite – Elf!

The Movie Area

The Movie Area

On Christmas day we started out at the lagoon for a Christmas beach day! We spent the morning tanning and swimming with a view of the Brisbane River.

Sami catching some rays on Christmas day!

Sami catching some rays on Christmas day!

The Brisbane Wheel.

The Brisbane Wheel.

We ended up heading home and watching Christmas Vacation, and one 80s Christmas movie that Sami used to watch as a child – called Santa Bear.

We also spent the afternoon outside playing some Yahtzee (I won of course).

We followed that wonderful day with a delicious dinner that included mashed potatoes, chicken, gravy, beans and cranberry sauce.

Our Yummy Meal!

Our Yummy Meal!

It was a great way to spend our first warm Christmas!

Merry (Belated) Christmas Everyone!!!


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