New Years!

For New Year’s eve we ended up heading down to South Bank again where the city put on a big fireworks show. We caught the 8:30 show right up close with hundreds of other people.



Getting near the finale!

Getting near the finale!

Next we headed over to the YHA hostel that we used to stay at, where our friend Matt was staying. We hung out on the rooftop patio having some beers and hanging out with some other travelers.

We were on the rooftop for the midnight fireworks, which was the same show as the 8:30 fireworks. It was cool to see them from a different angle.

Same fireworks, different angle.

Same fireworks, different angle.

After the fireworks we headed down to a bar that was about a 10 minute walk from the hostel. It was a very interesting bar, with many mirrors, stuffed bears, moose heads ect. hanging all around the place. It reminded us of the bar in the TV show True Blood.

The band there was very good. Inspired by Elvis, they played a lot of his stuff. The bassist had the hugest bass I have ever seen and he was hammering away on it. We ended up staying at that bar for the rest of the evening.

Huge Bass!

Huge Bass!

We also ended up loosing everyone we came with as some scattered over to Fortitude Valley to the bars in that area, and some went home to sleep.

Thankfully both Sami and I had New Years Day off! We spent the next day recovering and then back to work to save some money before we left Brissy.


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