Great Gatsby Party / Day Trip!

On Saturday the 4th Sami and I ended up going to her boss’ house for a Great Gatsby themed party. She lives about an hour outside of Brisbane, so luckily we got a ride from one of Sami’s coworkers out to the party.

It was our first real experience outside of the City of Brisbane that was not accessible by public transit. The party itself was awesome. Almost all of Sami’s coworkers came, so I got to meet them all, along with some of Jenn’s (Sami’s Boss) friends . We ended up playing a lot of pool and chatting the evening away. We also learned a cool pool game that involved everyone at the party, so that was cool as well.

Sami and I all dressed up!

Sami and I all dressed up!

The day after the party Jenn also offered to take us out for the day to see some Queensland countryside. We started out driving through some small towns and hitting up a roadside cafe. It was our first taste of Australian meat pies! They were amazing; no wonder they are so popular here.
We then drove along these tiny dirt roads through the countryside, which happened to be between some Mountains. The view there was really amazing.

Driving around

Driving around

A few mountains

A few mountains

Jenn then took us up a winding road to the top of a mountain where we trekked down to see our first waterfalls. It was beautiful. They have such lush tropical plants up here, and there were lots of vegetation growing on the rocks under the waterfall itself.


Queen Mary Falls

For the afternoon we did some driving until we found a nice picnic spot near a creek. We ended up spending a good hour or two in the creek hanging out and chatting. After that we had a picnic that Jenn had packed away in an esky in the back of her car.

Once we finished eating we ended up taking a different route home, through another set of mountains with picturesque views. Jenn had also lived in and around many of the small towns that we drove through, so we learned a lot about them all.


Elephant Rock

Finally to cap off an amazing day, Jenn drove us up to the top of Mount Coot-tha so that we could look over Brisbane City at night! Our view, unfortunately, was impaired by some smoke that was traveling west from forest fires on Stradbroke Island.

View from Mt Coot-tha at Night

View from Mt Coot-tha at Night

It was such a great day, all thanks to Sami’s wonderful boss. Without her, we would not have seen some of the small towns inland a little bit and many of the wonderful mountain views that we observed.


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