Byron Bay

We arrived in Byron Bay around 3PM on Sunday. It was a 3.5 hour bus ride from Brisbane, but it seemed to go by quite quickly. The Greyhound route took us along the coast for most of the adventure, so we got to see Surfers Paradise, Coolangatta and many small coastal towns on the way to Byron Bay.

Upon arrival with many dozen other backpackers, we were  swarmed by greeting parties sent from each hostel to drive patrons back to their respective hostel. It was nice to just hop on the shuttle bus and take the 2-3 minute drive through town where we were dropped right off in front of our hostel.

We booked a 5 share mixed-dorm at the Cape Byron YHA. Once we moved in we took a walk to the grocery store down the street and grabbed some food for the evening. After collecting our food we wandered down to the beach. The town instantly reminded me of Noosa. It had huge beaches up and down the coast, with a forested national park to the south where the lighthouse was located.

Byron Bay Beach

Byron Bay Beach

Later that evening we met our roommates who were an Irish couple traveling in the opposite direction as us. Turned out that they were staying for another 3 nights and us for 4, so we ended up making some plans to hang out.

That night we wandered around the town of Byron Bay to check out what it was like. There were many different buskers; guitar players, hula-hoopers, singers, artists and even a fire dancer. It was also quite a hippie town, with clearly many regulars with super tans and long dreads – likely hanging about in town surfing most days.

The hang out area near the beach

The hang out area near the beach

We also saw a silent dance party. Basically a DJ pulls up in the parking lot in his van, pulls out his Mac and sells headphones so that there are no noise complaints.

The silent dance party

The silent dance party

We have booked 4 days here so we are excited to see what the beach has to offer the next few days!


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