The evening before we watched the sunrise we booked a tour (along with our Irish friends) to go see Nimbin – a small hippie town located about an hour inland from Byron Bay.

After the sunrise we hiked another 45 minutes home, grabbed some breakfast and lots of coffee and waited around for our tour bus to pick us up. A little after 10AM the bus came and we were driving inland amongst many hills and farms.

View from the top of the hill!

View from the top of the hill!

Our Tour Bus!

Our Tour Bus!

For part of the Nimbin tour we stopped along and saw a waterfall. It had started raining at that point, and the waterfall was not quite as spectacular as some of the ones that Jenn had taken us to the previous week.

We were all loaded back on the bus shortly after and finished our trip back to the town of Nimbin…what I would call the ultimate “Hippy Town”. The locals are huge advocators for the legalization of marijuana. All of the shops sold drug paraphernalia, psychedelic decor and had names such as “Bringabong” and “Stoned Fish”. The bus driver also mentioned to limit yourself to one “cookie” an hour while in town.

IMG_1005 IMG_1004

It was a strange little town to check out; I don’t think that I would recommend heading there unless you are into that sort of thing.

One highlight of the trip was the huge burgers with pineapple, potatoes, lettuce, carrots and cheese that the bus driver barbecued by the park.

The drive back was fairly tiring as we had such a long day waking up for the sunrise earlier that morning.

When we got back that evening we grabbed some free boogie boards that the hostel offered and headed down to catch some waves for the last few hours of sunlight.


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