Australia Day!

For Australia day we took the morning and went to Commonwealth Park (in Canberra) where many different activities were taking place. At the park a very interesting thing happened. A few jets flew by for Australia Day celebration, but they scared hundreds of large bats out of some trees. The bats were flying around everywhere, and it was really awesome to see. Needless to say we did our best to stay away from them – most of them were flying around the treetops anyways.



In the afternoon we headed over to a lookout above the city. We got some really great shots of the city with the Parliament building.

Canberra from above.

Canberra from above.

After that we headed home for a traditional Australia day – swimming and a barbecue! Our friends cooked us up some burgers so we had real Aussi burgers. The burgers had pineapple and beets on them. It tasted much better than I expected (I’m not a big fan of pineapple usually). We later tried pavlova  – a fruity delicious cake.

Aussie Burger

Aussie Burger

It was an awesome – real Aussie Australia day!


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