From New Plymouth we drove another few hours north to Auckland – the largest city in New Zealand. The first evening we just sat and enjoyed the sunset from our balcony. We got some great photos as well!

Our sunset view!

Our sunset view!

The next morning we headed up to Mount Wellington which is this giant crater from an old volcano. It is basically a hill with a large crater in the middle. It was awesome to see! All I could think of was that the crater would be an awesome place to toboggan down. The site was sectioned off to stop people out from damaging it.

From the top of the hill we got a great view of the city, including one of the larger buildings in Auckland – the sky tower.


The crater

The crater!




That afternoon we checked in to our hotel (one of the nicer ones that we ended up staying at) and then walked down the the botanical gardens. The botanical gardens in Auckland was inside a large park where lots of people were out jogging, playing cricket and just hanging out. The actual botanical gardens was inside a building on the south side of the park. There were many different plants, and one of my favourites was the biggest lily pad that I had ever seen.

Giant lilypad!

Giant lilypad!

Pretty pink flowers!

Pretty pink flowers!

Orange spotted flowers!

Orange spotted flowers!

That was pretty much it for our first day in Auckland. We prepared to do a boat cruise to Waiheke for the next day!


4 responses to “Auckland

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  3. Hello just read your Australian section and you mention car a lot. Did you rent buy lease or ? For your trip there ? We are planning on spending three months there and looking for the best option thanks

    • Hey Mountainman.

      My wife and I actually rented a few different cars throughout our trip. There are a lot of cars for sale by backpackers as well which might be worth it. We just didn’t find that we needed a car for the majority of our travels (especially the big cities with public transport – along with the vehicles that hostels would use to pick up travelers from the greyhound station ect.)


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