On our second day in Auckland we took a river cruise to Waiheke island.


Waiheke island has some beautiful beaches and many different wineries scattered across it. The trip started at Auckland harbour where we took a 1/2 hour ride on the ferry across to the island.

Sami and I cruising!

Sami and I cruising!


From the boat we also got quite a nice view of the city!






From there we hopped on a Waiheke bus and took it down to one of the beaches on the far end of the island. We stopped and took a long walk down the beach and a had a picnic lunch. We also ended up going for a quick swim even though the water was much colder than we had grown accustomed to in Australia.

The beach we hung out at!

The beach we hung out at!


From there we took the bus back to a local winery called Wild on Waiheke. We sat down and got a few drinks each. It was a great tasting. At the winery there were a bunch of activities going on. They had giant chess, archery and bocce ball. We ended up playing a quick game of bocce ball before calling it a day and heading back to our bus and caught the ferry back to Auckland.

Yummy Yummy Wine!

Yummy Yummy Wine!



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