Flashback Friday – Killarney

Hi everyone!

I am starting a new series called Flashback Friday where I go over some of the awesome places that Sama and I have visited over the years. To kick this off I will be starting with a place about 4 hours north of Toronto, located on the north shore of Georgian Bay.



 A little closer view!

A little closer view!

Killarney is a town that basically is situated on a small channel  just north of George Island, which makes the water there fairly warm, and also shelters it from much of the wind.

We ended up staying at the Killarney Mountain Lodge. There were a bunch of us (11 people I believe) that went up in the summer of 2012, and we rented out the Chalet, which is a large cabin that is on the outskirts of the resort. It has 2 bedrooms with 4 beds and a pull-out couch. The cabin is made of all wood and has a nice rustic feel.

This had been my second time up to Killarney, but this time we were there for a full week (last time was a long weekend I believe). There is much to do up there. To start out, our breakfast and dinner was covered everyday, and they had a ton of options. I always got the Killarney Mountain Lodge (from now on abbreviated as KML) Muffin which was basically a BLT egg sandwich. You could also get coffee, juice,(yummmm gotta have Orange Juice with breakfast!) yogurt with berries  ect.

One of our best trips was a hike up to Silver Peak. We booked through KML, and had two awesome tour guides. We took 3 Kayaks through Bell lake, landed then hiked up to the top. The view was awesome! Our two guides also had carried a large lunch for everyone, so we stopped on the peak to eat.

High Five on The Top of Silver Peak!

View from the top of silver peak

High five on the top of the peak!

High five on the top of the peak!

From the top there are views of hundreds of lakes scattered around the area, mostly forested areas as well. It was well worth the hike (6 hours total).

Another thing we did was the sunset kayak. Basically you get a few kayaks and you can bomb around the channel heading wherever you like.

Our Sunset Kayak!

Our Sunset Kayak!

One other amazing thing that KML offered was live music at night played by local celebrity Andy Lowe in the Carousel Lounge. The nights there got crazy with our rowdy group and a few drinks each!

Also don’t miss Herbert Fisheries to get the freshest fish and chips in Ontario! They have the perfect amount of batter, and people come to Killarney just to get fish and chips from here!

Overall I would recommend anyone in the area, especially in Ontario, travel up to Killarney Mountain Lodge sometime in the summer and do some fun nature things! If anyone else has been there, let me know what your experience was!

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